Laying floor boards onto a concrete base.

This is the common way of laying floor boards as well.

To obtain the best results one has to adhere to not only to the preparation of the laying surface but also the room moisture level and the use of correct tools.  The instructions bellow should be strictly followed:

  1. The room temperature should not be less than 15° C and relative humidity  45±5%.
  2. The moisture content of concrete must not be greater than 1.5%. If the relative humidity of the room is less than 55%, then the concrete is dry.
  3. The concrete should be clean and level otherwise the floor boards will take up the contours of the substrate.
  4. The finish on the concrete's surface should be robust to withstand any stresses during its use.
  5. The surface of the concrete must be primed to ensure good adhesion to the floor boards.
  6. The floor laying should be carried out soon after the delivery of the floor boards.
  7. A cross linking polyurethane adhesive (two part system) adhesive should be used, (usage 1kg/m2).
  8. A gap of 10mm should be left between the board and the wall in the longitudinal direction to compensate for any expansion due changes in moisture levels. The gap is covered by the skirting board.
  9. Surface coating should only be aplied when the adhesive is completely dried
  10. Surface coating should be done according to the manufacturers instructions.