Oak, ash wood briquettes. Made from kiln dried oakand ash wood under high pressure without any additives. Density above 1000 kg/m3.


Packs 10.5-11.00 kg each

Pallet 96 packs per pallet (1000kg)


Eur 150.00 excl. VAT EXW


RUF briquettes strapped/shrink wrapped 10.5-11.00kg. Suitable for Wood Stoves, Open Fires, Log Boilers, Kitchen Cookers, etc. High performance slow burning with less than 1 % ash. CO2 Neutral enabling you to heat your home without harming the environment. Briquettes do not spark or crackle and are smokeless. Harmless for chimneys. Easily stored in a dry place and can be easily moved.

Moisture content - 7-9 %

Ash content - 1.0%

Heat value - 4.940 MWh/t

Calorific test results.pdf

12 briquettes in one pack, 10,5 -11 kg.
96 packs on pallet 1 ton.

Oak briquets, ash briquets, Oak briquet production. Fire wood from Baltic states. Ruf briquets.