Technical solutions and advantages

  • Manufacturing finish with natural resin oil: factory finished boards can be directly laid without further sanding or oiling.  This allows for substantial savings.
  • Grain filling: small imperfections, such as small knots and cracks on board surfaces are filled using 2 tone mastics. The boards are then smoothed 3 times for further finish application - oiling or varnishing.
  • Anti warping grooves: grooves parallel to the grain on the underside on each board are machined to give more stability, especially when changes in temperature and moisture levels occur.
  • Board end joining  tongue and grooves: This facility gives boards a good solid connection.
  • Longitudinal tongue and groove: accurately machined tongue and grooves provide a quick and easy method of laying floors, which in addition, distributes loads evenly when in use.
  • Chamfers: a micro chamfer on the longitudinal sides of boards enhances the grain texture and reduces visual gaps between boards in seasonal weather variations. In addition, it also makes laying the floors easier.
  • Compensation cavity: in the tongue and groove construction, a cavity has been machined to compensate for any hide residual saw dust so that a good close join can be achieved.